Leaping over Chairs
And under Tables
Building forts
Crafting fables
Beneath layers
Of warm blankets


Where are you
My esoteric bel-esprit?


In return
I found thrusted
Into open arms
This muddled
Sharp and
Rusting thing


Highways flooded by ominous silences
Mirrored by plastic guidances
Hyphenated and asteraited
Always under strained
And never content


That a waterfall
Of left over bread
Half eaten breakfast
Silent resentments
Hands held all too lightly
Or a simple pause in responce
Just start to gush out

Storm Callings

I am a raindrop
Inside a thunder storm
Reaching for the flowers
And the puddles
And “under the umbrella” cuddles
But when I fall to the ground
Does it make a certain sound
Different from the rest?

Lifetimes Spent

You are the scale and sword
When my words show no mercy
You calm the storm
When lightning and thunder
Are the only fires burning
In the furnace of my aching heart